HELLO! Lovely to see you. bonboncoland is where all our lovely bonbonco characters live. Products exclusive to Jersey CI for the time being :)

About Us

Welcome! It's lovely to have you join me on this page. I'm the chocolatier/designer and Creator of bonboncoland constructible chocolate and confectionery. It's the land where our lovely bonbonco.TM characters live. I really do love to share the fun element of construction with my customers who, in the beginning, were mostly adults looking for immersive, interactive experiences and the brand was born of these loves and desires. Today I work with a small team to make and send out the personalised experiences you see on this site. I ran lots of local events to perfect a method where you and a younger audience can create characters by learning to be a chocolatier the bonboncoland. way and I know you'll enjoy the process.. 

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Kindest always

Mandy Gagnerie - Founder