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Blackberry & Raspberry Tree

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Blackberry & Raspberry Tree

Juicy Blackberries, Raspberries and smooth milk chocolate are just the gift for someone special making up this personalised chocolate and confectionery kit using our fabulous Assembly Sheet instructions, bit by bit turning the contents of this special boxed selection into a delicious fruit tree before your very eyes, Ooh Fruity!

Postage free for all our products in the UK and Crown Dependencies ;)

Free 'Munch Whilst You Make’ popcorn

Our plant pots can be re-used to bake a cupcake (dishwasher/microwave/oven/freezer safe)

Your bonbonco Chocolate Tree Kit will arrive in the post and contain at least 365g of the finest chocolate and confectionery and stand 18cm high made up:

- Bonbonco's easy assembly instructions & templates for all of our designs.

- Bonbonco's 2 Milk Chocolate 1/2 balls.

- Bonbonco's Plant pot filled with Milk Chocolate.

- Lots of sweets/chocolates to make the crown of your tree.

- Bonbonco's Sticking Candy Buttons.

- Bonbonco's Candy Tree Trunk - chosen by you.

- Sweetie Pebbles - chosen by you.

- A pack of assorted sour belts, laces.

- Sugar eyes.

- Tools to build your tree.

- Popcorn to 'Munch Whilst You Make'

- FREE plant pot to re-use to bake a cupcake. (Dishwasher/microwave/oven/freezer safe)

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