HELLO! Lovely to see you. bonboncoland is where all our lovely bonbonco characters live. Products exclusive to Jersey CI for the time being :)

x3 Shrubs with Yummy Gummy Garden Worms

Chocolate and Confectionery Character Shrubs each containing a Yummy Gummy Garden Worm from bonboncolandClick the image to enlarge
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x3 Shrubs with Yummy Gummy Garden Worms

Honestly, if you love to play with your food and have fun with chocolate you can't do better than this The best chocolate and confectionery and a wonderful example of Great British theatrical innovation suitable for all kinds of celebrations Pots filled with chocolate and a yummy gummy garden worm to pop in the centre topped off with chocolate caramels, jelly beans, blackberries, raspberries, sugar eyes, apple flavoured hair and leaves, it's bonboncoland, where we Make Fine Chocolate Fabulous Fun

For you, for family and friends!

Free post for all our products in the UK and Crown Dependencies ;)

Free 'Munch Whilst You Make’ popcorn

Our plant pots can be re-purposed to bake a cupcake (dishwasher/microwave/oven/freezer safe) 

Not just chocolate, this is an 'event in a box x3’

Your Shrubberies Fine Chocolate and Confectionery Kit will arrive in the post and contain at least 660g of the finest chocolate and confectionery, enough to make x 3 Shrubs on average 9cm high:

 Bonbonco's easy assembly instructions & templates for all of our designs

 3 of Bonbonco's Milk Chocolate 1/2 balls

 3 of Bonbonco's Plant pots filled with Milk Chocolate

 3 lots of confectionery to make the crown of your Shrubs

 3 lots of Bonbonco's Sticking Candy Buttons

 3 Yummy Gummy worms to place inside your pots

 Sour belts and laces

 3 pairs of Sugar eyes

 3 lots of tools to assemble your Shrubs

 Plant pots may be to re-used to bake a cupcake (Dishwasher/microwave/oven/freezer safe)

 Popcorn to Munch whilst you Make

 Hand written message in box (if selected)

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