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Avalanche with Haribo Snakes

Totally Edible Chocolate Avalanche engulfing gummy snakes in white chocolate ‘snow’Click the image to enlarge
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Avalanche with Haribo Snakes

Gummy snakes, popcorn, best Belgian Milk Chocolate and a white chocolate Avalanche of snow to engulf it all A true original, bonboncoland™ aims to please

Complimentary post for all our products in the UK and Crown Dependencies ;)

Free 'Munch Whilst You Make’ popcorn

Not just chocolate, this 'event in a box' brings you the excitement of being a chocolatier direct from bonboncoland Your delicious Avalanche kit arrives through the letter box, but stands 20cm high when made, containing at least 430g of the finest milk chocolate and confectionery plus you get to drown gummy snakes in the most unctuous and decadent white chocolate ‘snow'!

Your Chocolate Avalanche Kit will contain

- Easy assembly instructions and graphics

- Special 3D Avalanche mould

- Microwaveable popcorn

- 250g of bonbonco's Milk Chocolate - Chosen by you

- 100g of bonbonco's delicious White Candy Chocolate

- 40g of Gummy characters

- 5g  of bonbonco's Apple Grass

- 40g of bonbonco's Chocolate Sticking Candy

- Silver board

- Tools to make your Avalanche

- Extra popcorn to Munch Whilst You Make

- Hand written message (if option selected)

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